A simple statement with a BIG impact.

Join the movement of people around the world who wear the I Play for Him wristband and boldly make the commitment to use their gifts for God’s glory.

The wristband is a subtle reminder that our impact as believers has the potential to go far beyond the field of competition. It can actually extend to the heavens.


Our Story

It all began as a simple prayer. We wanted to challenge the status-quo in the world of sports. In 1994, we launched our ministry focused on inspiring athletes and coaches to use their platform to honor Christ. Sports was our Platform. Jesus was, and still is, our mission.

At the time, the idea of combining sports and God was just gaining momentum. We joined that early movement with a unique sport ministry designed to develop athletes physically and train them spiritually. Each year our ministry grew by leaps and bounds as we watched God work in the lives of our audience. Over the years we have been humbled by the Lord’s consistent favor upon our mission. In His goodness, He has allowed us to witness tens of thousands of athletes summarize their new life in Christ with one singular statement:

“I Play for Him”

Keep the Faith Sweatshirt
From $40.00 - $45.00

Where You Shop Matters

All profit from the I Play for Him store is reinvested in the ministry to further our mission of inspiring coaches, parents, and athletes to use their gifts for God’s glory.