What is Your Chariot of Fire?

1 Samuel 2:30


What is the mark of a Great man or woman of God?

It is found in powerful muscles or unending endurance?  Is it intelligence, wisdom, or the innate ability to respond when your back is against the wall?  Does greatness reveal itself in ones ability to lead and inspire others or persevere through adversity?  Although good, these things are not the mark of the great man or woman of God.

What makes a great man or woman of God can be found in one very distinct trait;  how they run.

Eric Liddell (1902-1945) may be the greatest example of an athlete running after God and dedicating every part of his life to the Lord. The Flying Scotsman, as he was called, was the living embodiment of 1 Samuel 2:30 where the Lord says, “…Those who honor me I will honor…”

In 1981 Liddell was immortalized in the true-life movie “Chariots of Fire,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1982. Liddell’s heart for the Lord is as legendary as his conviction to not compete on the Sabbath. So committed to his faith, Liddell gave up the chance to win a 1924 gold medal in his best race, the 100-meter, because it meant racing on a Sunday. Liddell was the son of missionary parents in China and used the publicity he garnered in racing to promote the Gospel of Christ. He died as a POW in Japanese controlled China in 1945.

For the athlete questioning whether competing for Christ is honoring to God, they need only to reflect on the powerful quote Liddell whispered pertaining to his athletic gifting and personal love for Christ. “… I believe God made me for a purpose … He also made me fast. When I run I can feel His pleasure.”

If you have time, take 4 minutes to watch this clip of Liddell, and hopefully it will renew your passion to run the race God has for you and you alone.