Are you Desperate for God to Show Up?

Are you desperate for God to show up?

Athletes in particular possess an unquenchable desire to show the crowd what they can accomplish in their own strength and ability.  Instead of envisioning all the things we can accomplish, what if we start by asking God to do what only He can accomplish.  This doesn’t mean we don’t plan, organize, and work hard.  Preparation in any part of life is important.  But dedication/submission to God in all parts of life is vital.

If someone were to ask the three people closest to you in life, would they say your life is characterized by an urgency for the Spirit of God to show up?  Are you trusting God with everything, or is He simply a distant grandfather figure you pray to before meals and when something really big is coming up? In short, are you desperate for God to show up?

Why are we so content to settle for a faith dependent on our ability?  Why are we not clamoring for a front row seat to watch the God of the universe do what He does best.

The impossible.