The Starting Point in a Believers Life

Growing up, most athletes go searching from coaches who can cut the learning curve.  Individuals who have the knowledge and ability to teach them what they need to know in order to be successful.  On one particular day, Jesus did one of his most thought provoking “how to” teachings along the mountainside.  In the beatitudes, Jesus is a teaching how a person who is staking his life on the kingdom of God, should live.

Beatitude 1: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

When Jesus uses the word, “blessed” He is not referring to happiness.  He is pointing to an inward peace and contentment that is not affected by outward circumstance.  To be “blessed” a person must be vulnerable to their unworthiness before God and admit their dependence on Him.  This type of inner conviction brings a state of joy that is not dependent on what happens around them.  For many, God has to strip the clothing of pride from us in order for us to be willing to come and receive from Him. The foundation of a genuine relationship to Christ is the harsh reality that “I cannot begin to do it” alone. Then, says Jesus,

“Blessed are you.” That is the starting point of the believers life.  Comprehending our sin, opens the gate to the arena where Jesus Christ works in our life.

As an athlete, poor in spirit is not the absence of physical strength, its the acknowledgement of spiritual bankruptcy.  Without Jesus, we are flat broke spiritually.  Unless this is rectified, nothing you do on the field of competition will ever matter.  The trophies will rust, the ribbons will tear, and the medals will get lost.  The years of striving for recognition from the sports culture will do you no good in the eyes of God.  He is selfishly interested in your recognition of Him and Him alone.  Do this, and God promise the poorness of your spirit will bring the blessing from a King.