Your VIP All-Access Pass

Who doesn’t want an all-access pass?

In sports, the all-access-pass by getting you in the door of the arena.  That’s not saying much, since anyone can walk through the door of nearly any stadium in the world.  The all-access pass pass also gets you beyond the ticket office.  Again, not that great since anyone can purchase a ticket and gain entrance into a sporting event.  Once in the arena, however, the all access pass begins to really perform for the person in possession.  It allows you to walk past the ushers, down to the field of competition, and into the locker room area.  As thousands of people can be heard in the arena, the all-access pass has opened the door for you to stand in the room where the players prepare for the game and listen to the coach discuss strategy.  All-access is an incredible privilege.  A gift that places you right in the middle of the action.

God has given you an all-access pass as well.  One with a very distinct difference.  His pass doesn’t permit you to merely listen to Him talk to others.  The all-access pass of the heavenly Father allows you direct access to Him.  Giving you an intimate and open line of communication through Jesus Christ.  The Bible says, For through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father.  (Ephesians 2:18)  His desire for you is to not simply sit in the locker room and merely listen. His all-access pass should inspire our all-life devotion.

So go for it.  Get in the game.  Swing for the fence and watch as God honors the decision of your heart to play for Him!