Play your butt Off!

If God has gifted you to run, then run. If God has equipped you with the ability to jump, then jump. Assuming God knows what He is doing, we must also assume that your athletic gifts have been given with a Godly purpose in mind.

We would never doubt that God knows what He’s doing, so why do we question the gifting He places inside people? Why do we say certain gifts are “of God” and others are not? How can we be so quick to lay judgment on the idea that a guitar can be used for God but a football cannot? Have you not seen a guitar used to defy God and witnessed a football used to exalt God? And have you not seen a guitar glorify God and a football defy Him? In the end, its not about the the gifting, its about the glory. Either we try to selfishly hoard our gifts and their rewards for ourselves, or we freely offer them to God.

“Use these gifts to show others your love,” should be the cry of our heart.

As we commune with Christ, thinking this way will become quite natural. The Bible says, As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace. (1 Peter 4:10) It would be foolish to think that your athletic gifting should be placed on the shelf and declared unusable.

So run, jump, and compete. “Play your butt off”, as many coaches would say. But when you do, don’t play for yourself, play for Him.