Keep Getting Up

The greatest thing about going to the tomb of Jesus was that it was found empty. Knocked down to the point of death, Jesus hung on a cross that screamed of defeat. But staying down wasn’t an option. Drenched in sweat, bloodied in battle, the miracle was set in motion. And then three days later…..he got up.

“And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in
they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.”
(Luke 24:2-3)

Ironically, there is tremendous opportunity and blessing in these moments when it appears we have lost. Who we become in life is heavily influenced by our learned ability to
handle adversity. Few would argue we learn more about who we are
during those moments in life when we stare defeat in the face. In tough times, three players of life surface.

The first is the quitter. Those who stay down when they face adversity.
They give up easily, care little of results, and often can’t wait to get
the game over with. When they get knocked down, they stay down.

The second type of person is neutral. When knocked down, this person
doesn’t stay down, but never fully gets up either. They often sit on the
fence, waiting for someone else to lift them up. When things are going
great, they are great. But when things are going bad, they fold.

The third is the winner. They’ve been knocked down harder than anyone
else because they’ve probably put in more time than anyone else. They’ve
also learned to understand a very powerful principle. Staying down is not
an option. I didn’t say winning, I said staying down. This is the person
who is prepared to be drenched in sweat, bloodied in battle, and
completely exhausted from giving literally every ounce of effort. When
the competition is over, no matter the score, this person has won, because
they’ve learned success is not about winning and losing. It comes to the
person who just keeps getting up.

When you are knocked down physically, get up. When you are cut down
emotionally, get up. When you are tired spiritually, get up. Never doubt your effort to persevere is in vain if you are performing for God’s glory.