For God to become BIG in our Lives, We must become small.

Pride is the most subtle of all sins.  It can turn the fresh springs of our life into polluted lakes.  For athletes, the battle with pride is of paramount concern. All it takes is a great individual performance or important team victory for people to shower you with accolades of praise.

Receiving this praise is not a sin. However, gorging yourself on the praise of others and basing your personal value upon those words is where pride takes root in the soul and begins to ferment like meat left out overnight on the cutting block.  Because of this, the aroma of pride has a very distinct aroma. It stinks. God doesn’t want you to promote yourself.  His desire is for you and I to hunger and thirst for a holiness that exudes a spirit of humility.

Enter one of the more colorful characters of the bible, John the Baptist.  Jesus himself said this bold statement of John the Baptist, “Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John…” (Matthew 11:11).  God is calling John great!  Substantial.  Significant.  Special.  Extraordinary.

How does John respond?  Does he pound his chest like a proud warrrior?  Leverage this popularity for his personal gain?  Strut around the lake of Aenon yelling, “I’m the MAN!”? No, his response is much different.  His very last words, the last words we hear this annointed man speak, are some of the greatest words ever spoken. “He must become greater; I must become less.”

And so it is true; For God to become BIG in our Lives, We must become small.