The Challenge is Simple

Screen shot 2015-07-20 at 3.27.28 PMThe challenge is simple.  Take everything that is good about athletics and inspire a generation to apply that same tenacity to their walk with Christ. Shed light upon a game that existed then, and still exists now. A spiritual game which involves you, your friends, your children, and every person reading this book. A game that has placed every single person in every walk of life on the field of competition.

It is not an option for us to be in this game, but a mandate. We are playing whether we choose to or not. We can pretend the game doesnʼt take place, but it does. We can maintain there is no opponent, but there is. We can claim there is no game plan, but its right there in the pages of the bible.

I play for Him CREED

T he following creed has been used in our Cross Training camps for years.  Feel free to pass it along to who you may see fit.


Without Him in my life, I am less happy, less healthy, less loving. Without Him, this game I play has no value.

His favor supports every triumph, his provision produces each achievement, and the victory He bestows produces my platform.

Many play for other people and other things, hoping to find more success….more fortune…more fame. But instead of gain, they are only brought infinite loss.

And although I play to win, it is assuring to know He will never yell at me…never give up on me…never stop loving me.

Who is this great person? Who is “He” you ask? It is Jesus, and I can proudly say