I play for Him is the online community of Cross Training Ministries and the blogging/podcasting platform of president/co-founder Bob Upgren and his team. For over twenty years Cross Training has been a leader in using sports as a forum to minister to athletes, coaches and parents. The I play for Him message launched years ago with a sports composition written by Bob Upgren.

As the Cross Training Ministry grew in numbers, it quickly became evident that athletes who followed Christ were becoming more vocal about stating their allegiance to Christ.

This movement wasn't just limited to church leagues and rec players. Professional athletes from nearly every sport began rising up to show their allegiance to Christ.

Our Content

For years, Cross Training ministries has been called upon for guidance and advice on sports related resources for their teams, athletes and organization. I play for Him is the platform designed to meet that need. From practical tools to accomplish your goals, to strategies for spiritual growth and development, our mission is to empower coaches, athletes and parents with relevant sports ministry content.

To that end, posts are consistently published with faith-based narratives relevant to athletes, coaches and parents in the sports culture. On occasion, Bob Upgren writes about up to the minutes sports issues that concern faith and sports. You can find out more on the Start Here page.

We also have a podcast called, "I play for Him". We cover similar topics as those on the blog. You can watch it on video or listen to it on audio.

Our goal is to create content that provides a fresh perspective on sports and faith. If you know individuals, teams, schools, and churches who would be interested in our content, please feel free to connect them to our blogs and podcasts.

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